Track: Kid Acne digs deep in the crate for the prime illbient of ‘NEON FOGOU’

YORKSHIRE hiphop? Yep. Bring it. BRING. IT. ON. Lad.

Comin’ atcha straight outta God’s Own Country, Kid Acne is burrowing deep down into the world of the cheese dream to bring you his latest woozy, excellent take from a nightmare in tandem with Jehst, who really should need no introduction if you’ve got your hiphop chops; he’s a scientist.

It’s a discomfiting place where the crew find themselves: on lyrical duties, Billy Brimstone and Eddy Fresh are hoping aliens take them away “from all his fuckery / All I know is God’s in love with ugly.”

There’s Madlib on the accordion, Pontefract cakes; the break is 3am, sleep-paralysis yawing, very much illbient; you can see the dispossessed shades of DJ Wally and Company Flow hovering out there in the twilight.

It all concludes with a well-mined, subterranean snatch of new-age chatter about a fogou: the weird, vibey Bronze-Age tunnel complexes of unknown purpose found across West Cornwall. Is there where we should be hiding out during this current intellectual ice age?

It’s the third single from Kid Acne’s forthcoming album, NULL & VOID, which is with us later this month; and follows the crisp proud banger of “FLAME WARS” and the bright swing of “TRANSISTORS” down the runway to yo’ brain.

It’s Acne’s fifth full album, his first since 2019’s Have A Word for Lex and also his first for Lewis Recordings. Climb inside; there’s a whole network to explore, underground.

Kid Acne’s “Neon Fogou” is out now on digital streaming platforms.

Connect with Kid Acne elsewhere online at his website and on Instagram.

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