Say Psych: Album Review, Failures by Khünnt

If you’re going to call yourself Khünnt then you are going to need to have a sound that somehow backs that up. In this case the band’s moniker acts as something of a gatekeeper for the Khünnt sonic experience. Basically if you are put off or offended by something called Khünnt, then you probably haven’t missed anything. If, on the other hand, you find it intriguing then you are probably, at a minimum, going to find the contents of this album interesting.

I say ‘contents’, but maybe ‘content’ is more of an appropriate word here because this is a one-track 37 minute album, soon to be released on Riot Season. It begins, as you might expect of a band comprising members of Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs and Blown Out in a heavy and repetitive manner. From there it gets heavier, and heavier, and heavier. It repeats the same doom-laden mantra throughout the track as the screams get louder, longer, deeper and more primal.

This is music from Dante’s inferno…a journey through the circles, through the deepest depths of hell…this is metronomic music to fuck to and it is music that totally fucks you up; it penetrates your inner most fears and lays them bare on the cold slab of reality…this is totally fucking terrifying and in listening to it feels like you are conjuring up the very root of malevolence. This is doom-laden doom laden with doom, devoid of light and space…and its totally fucking irresistible.


EXCLUSIVE limited edition 300 black vinyl LP. Housed in a printed and spined 350gsm card sleeve with download, and pressed on 140gm virgin vinyl, is now available to pre-order here. It comes with a bonus 100 only numbered 2xCDR set called ‘Failures: Past, Present & Future’. A tenth anniversary compilation set of all of Khunnt’s recorded works thus far. Housed in a hand assembled/printed sleeve. This CDR set is ONLY available with the new ‘Failures’ vinyl LP

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