TRACK: Reid Willis – ‘Finger To Pulse’: dark tech from new Mesh soundscaper

MESH, the exploratory techno label run by the brilliant Max Cooper, has added another complex and textural talent to its roster with the signing of American soundscaper Reid Willis, who’s set to debut his first full-length release for the label this Thursday.

He’s preceding that deep and hallucinatory album, Mother Of, with a single drop which you can hear below; the shadowy tech of “Finger To Pulse.”

A classically trained pianist, Reid has two degrees in composition under his belt from the University of Louisiana and a postgrad in sound engineering. Mother Of is actually his seventh album – he’s self-released prior, and his catalogue is available over at his website.

Max Cooper says of his discovery and subsequent signing of Reid:”[He] first came to my attention in 2019 when I was trawling new music.

“Amongst thousands of pieces, there was this gleaming gem of artistry and expression, and even more surprising was to find that he was unsigned, following his own path in a place where few shared his interests.

“This isn’t by-the-numbers music for the masses — it’s a powerful and obsessed-over work of art, composed, played, produced and mastered by Reid alone, delivering that focused human message with intensity.

“The level of artistry in the mixing and spatial form is spectacular as well. I highly recommend listening with a good stereo field and full frequency response.

“Big thanks and congrats to Reid for this first, beautiful album on Mesh. And I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have been over recent months.”

Hear for yourself: “Finger To Pulse” has ambition, it has invention, it has a cinemascope reach. It’s built of twilit, processed melodies, eerie vocal snatches, sub-bass pulsing … and a stern, minor-key string section. It’s not afraid to drop oceans of atmospheric space and shearing polyrhythm. If you were ever enamoured of Amon Tobin circa Supermodified and Out From Out Where, you’ll find a deal of dark delight herein.

Reid has had a lifelong battle with anxiety, which both drives and informs his artistic process, exploring soundscaping.

“As I age and grow, I’m learning how to face and control my own response to the unknown.

“Writing this album allowed me to dive even deeper into each idea and emotion with less fear,” he says.

Reid Willis’ Mother Of will be released by Mesh on digital download on November 19th. Pre-order your copy here.

Follow Reid on Facebook and at his website.

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