News: Return to White Chairs Volume 3 – Music fundraiser event bringing together Brisbane’s punk, post punk and alternative bands, past and present, all for a worthy cause.

More than just a gig, Return to White Chairs Volume 3 is a reunion of Brisbane punk, post punk and alternative bands featuring 11 bands – some that you may not have seen for a VERY long time. Oooohh! Held at The Triffid in Newstead, a glorious trip down memory lane is what you’re in for. Taking place on Sunday, 19 December 2021, this is a special reunion gig for a very special cause running from 12:30-9:30pm.

Some of us are old enough to remember the music and mateship of the 70s/80s music scene, and what a time it was. So, what’s this “White Chairs” thing? It’s the public bar at the back of what was Elizabeth Street’s Carlton Hotel – it was the centre of Brisbane’s punk and music counter-culture for about a decade from the late 1970s.

This unique musical experience gives a massive shout out to the proud history of Brisbane music from the punk era and beyond, with thousands of photos and posters displayed on a huge screen, as well as a tribute to “Women in Brisbane Music” featuring legendary The Go Betweens drummer Lindy Morrison.

Also featuring two DJs from the era too!

The stellar line-up kicks off with Tangled Shoelaces, a quirky 3-piece family and neighbours combo, with a 10-year-old professional drummer, the youngest in our line-up.

Delirium Seeds feature veteran musicians from renowned local acts Purple Avengers (’87), psych maestros and purveyors of transcendent trippy wig-outs; and Mystery of Sixes (’80), punk legends of mythic and endearingly delinquent proportions.

Perfect Strangers were a post punk pop band in the vein of Wire, Magazine and The Cure and played between 1980-82. We haven’t seen them since, so this reformation is a long- awaited big deal.

Square Tugs is the hottest band in town right now, with singles off their latest EP charting well. They play fast and furious 80’s-style punk influenced by The Circle Jerks and early 80’s American hardcore.

The Colours and The Skeletones fly the flag for Ipswich bands, also a prolific punk breeding ground for the Brisbane music scene. These guys have been playing since their early teens.

La Fetts have been around since the Joh Bjelke Petersen days of SEQEB strikes, their angst written into songs fired by political dissent.

Mick Medew is ex front-man for the Screaming Tribesmen, the Brisbane-born rock legends who topped independent charts in Australia and the US in the ‘80s. A Queensland Music Hall-of-Famer Mick now fronts the Mesmerisers who all have stellar music lineage. Mick’s wife Ursula also plays in a duo with him called Mick and Ursula in the line-up.

’70s-’80s garage punk surf inspired three-piece Koko Uzi are too-cool-for-school rock chicks, who will team up with other major female forces in Brisbane music to present the Women In Brisbane Music Tribute, featuring Lindy Morrison from the Go Betweens – a 40 year veteran in music.

Toxic Garden Gnomes, still as crazy as they are excellent as rated by Powderfinger, and one of the best live bands in the country according to Time Off and Regurgitator!

Had your jabs? This is a vaxed only event for all punters, crew, staff and musicians. The event is a fundraiser for the Growing Nepal Foundation.

Return to White Chairs Volume 3 tickets are available here.

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