EP Review: Seafoam Green – Yesterdays Wine

Robin Clewley

The Breakdown

The perfect soundtrack for late evenings this summer

Made up of singer/guitarist Dave O’Grady and singer Murieann McDermott Long, Seafoam Green are injecting a little soul in rock n roll with their new EP ‘Yesterdays Wine’. Chock full of great harmonies, emotive slide playing and a heap of glorious sunshine filled melodies it’s guranteed to be the perfect soundtrack for late evenings this summer.

The EP kicks off with the summery title track thats full of joy and sets the scene nicely for the EP. It shows what can be done when things are kept simple employing a handful of instruments to build tracks up but also give enough space to make the tracks sound somewhat spontaneous with plenty of room to breath.

The electric ‘Freak Party’ steps things up with some fancy fretwork from O’Grady and Long stretching her vocals. You can hear the joy in this track that the guys had whilst recording. It’s a roaring track that is begging a live stage for the duo to let rip.

‘Down At The Races’ slows everything down and has a captivating solo vocal performance from Long who soars above sparse lap steel and keys. The shimmering reverb helps transport you to a late evening as the sun is going down and sipping yesterday’s wine.

The sparse percussion doesn’t seem to affect these guys rock-ability as ‘Heavy And Low’ demonstrates. It’s a real home made rocker that sounds like a fun jam as the duo belt out the lyrics over O’Grady’s upbeat strumming. The singable chorus

The four tracks are just not enough from this band as this EP just leaves you wanting more. The duo have crafted a relaxed atmosphere when recording these tracks and the chilled vibe is infectious when listening. With gorgeous harmonies and beautiful lap steel O’Grady sits like a rock as Long soars above adding colour and magic to the solid foundations that O’Grady lays down.

Check out the bands track, Yesterdays Wine, below:

Find out more via the duo’s Website or Facebook

Read our interview with the duo here

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