Premiere: Redray Frazier reveals video to Blood in the Water

We’re delighted to premiere the new video from Portland soulful singer-songwriter Redray Frazier. Its the title track from his single Blood in the Water. With music having been in his family throughout his life, starting with singing in his fathers church choir, he’s toured as a member of David Byrne’s band and was in The Funky Poets.

Blood in the Water shows that he’s not only a great performer, but he has a gift with melody, as it swaggers through this emotive and soulful pop/rock, the sweet of his vocal (although he’s always just right on the edge of a gospel scream) mixed with the muscular accompaniments.

Of the video, Frazier says “My “Blood In The Water” video came about quite simply. I knew that I wanted to work with my longtime friend Jov (Novosti) Luke. Once he agreed to shoot it, I knew that would not be typical. We then looked at what tools were in our possession to make this work on a low budget. So, my D.J.(DJ Klavical) has a 1967 AMC Ambassador. Totally rad ride. I knew that his car should be in the video. I just got a new Reverend guitar that I wanted to become more familiar with, so we added that to the tools list. I have a small rehearsal space and a backyard, and I like to bar-b-que. The only thing missing now was what to shoot with. Jov had been messing around with a family members Go-Pro and thought It would interesting to shoot with. We mapped out a plan and shot a video.

I live in a pretty cool town. I really dig Portland and thought it would be cool to show it off a bit. Jov Luke(the director) and I set out take people on a journey of what seems to be a fairly normal rehearsal day. With not a lot of camera or lighting gear, we decided to use a GoPro to document the day. Jov had the thought to mount the GoPro to my chest and shoot in first person perspective. You see everything that I see. It turned out to be a really cool way to see me without seeing me. From the lay out of my clothes, to my reflection on a glass door or car window, to how friends interact with me. You kinda have to stick around to the end of the video for resolve. I think it’s an interesting way introduce myself to what I hope will be a lot of people. Enjoy the video.”

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