Fantasia Festival 2019 Review: The Deeper You Dig

Guilt can do funny things to a person. It can drive them to the edge of insanity and fundamentally change the way they live their life. These pangs of conscience can eat away at your soul until it starts severely impacting on your mental health. It’s not uncommon to experience visions, as a bruised imagination runs riot. The Deeper You Dig is truly a family affair. The fifth film from the husband and wife filmmaking team is undoubtedly their best.

Ivy (Toby Poser) had a knack for spiritualism but has lost her faith so instead makes a living taking money from old ladies at tarot readings. Echo (Zelda Adams) is her 14-year old daughter who likes listening to old music and hunting. Kurt (John Adams) is an outsider who plans on doing up a property nearby. One snowy evening he accidentally hits Echo whilst driving back from a bar, drunk. In an attempt to hide his guilt, he buries her body; but Kurt can’t get rid of her that easily.

The Deeper You Dig is an extraordinary achievement given Adams and Poser write, direct, produce, film, score and star. What they’ve created is a strange mix of demonic possession, psychological drama and revenge thriller. You can tell it has been lovingly and painstakingly made. It’s extremely clever and consistently inventive. The Deeper You Dig is a riveting and incredibly intelligent indie horror.

The Deeper You Dig screened at Fantasia Film Festival 2019.

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