Film Review: Anne at 13,000 Ft

Sure, it helps, but you don’t need a huge budget to make a good film. What you do need is someone who knows what they’re doing behind the camera, and intelligent and well-written script, some very cute editing and an actor who can carry the production. Thankfully, Kazik Radwanski’s new film has all of these elements and much, much more. Whilst Anne at 13,000 Ft might be quite brief, it’s certainly a breath of fresh air.

Anne (Deragh Campbell) is a woman on the edge. She is riddled with anxiety but has learned to live with it, really connecting with the children at the daycare centre she works at. Living her life within manageable parameters. A skydive during her friend Sarah’s (Dorothea Paas) bachelorette party changes everything. Suddenly, her life seems dull and meaningless. Anne yearns for more, which leads to her carefully controlled world beginning to crack.

Anne at 13,000 Ft is clearly a work or great love and care. It’s an extremely understanding film. At the start, Anne appears to be high-functioning; channelling her insecurities into play with the children. As we’re afforded more glimpses into her life, including uneasy interactions with her mother (Lawrene Denkers) and a reckless relationship with a man (Matt Johnson) she meets at Sarah’s wedding, you can see she’s rapidly spiralling out of control. Deragh Campbell is extraordinary in the role. She manifests all Anne’s insecurities, anxieties and inhibitions. Anne at 13,000 Ft is a remarkable film that signals both star and director as ones to watch.

Anne at 13,000 Ft streams on Curzon Home Cinema as part of Canada Now from 26 June.

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