Premiere: Conrad Greenleaf ascends the elegant electronica of ‘Mount Analogue’ via an immersive, organic video, ahead of album release.

Feature Photograph: Chris Ross

We are very pleased to premiere this morning the new video for artist Conrad Richters’s project Conrad Greenleaf whose single ‘Mount Analogue’ is a spaced out emission of electronica that gently ricochets inside your head and pulsates with a psychedelic thrum.

Plonking raindrop pianos and natural sounds lead us gently into the track itself before a hyperkinetic pulse takes over with a percussive throb, slowly building up in pace and rhythm: insistent and moving. The sounds ebb and flow, voices (supplied by Brent Griffin from SPOD) breathe in and out and sing in the distance, creating a mysterious tone.

The result is something organic and liquid: full of ambient movements and flowing aural waves that wash over you and immerse you in something warm and enveloping.

The video itself is the work of Griffin: a restless, moving series of beautiful images reflecting the pastoral sounds ranging from the dramatic impact of constellations and galaxies moving down to earth through to mountains and flowers and spectral images. Like the music it accompanies, the images are layered and nuanced, from telescopic vision to a microscopic detail and the building blocks of sound and light. Brief flashes of aliens and humanity allow a sense of horror and reality to intrude but these recede as we journey back to outer space. It really is a sumptuous visual treat that floats over the aural waves:

‘Mount Analogue’ is available to download and stream here and through the link below.

It comes off Conrad Greenleaf’s forthcoming album ‘Dreamtape’, due out on 9 September 2022 through Broken Stone Records, which was largely recorded on cassette 4-track during the main COVID lockdown of 2021. Of the album, Conrad Greenleaf says:

In general, I’ve liked ambient music (or any music that calms me really) for a long time. I had the KLF album Chill Out on CD when I was young and used to fall asleep listening to it. ‘Dreamtape’ was mostly made during the big 2021 Covid lockdown and I got pretty depressed for a while worrying about the future of the world for my young son – with Covid/Trump/Morrison/climate change/all sorts of horrible stuff going on at the time.

Much like with my other ambient album Shimmering Twins (which was made during a stressful time), I think I make this sort of music as therapy/to calm myself, not think about stuff too much. I made some of the album ‘on the clock at work’ which informed my decision to use my 4 track so I could do music but still have the computer free if any emails came in. I got so much in the zone that I was also working on it at night after my son would go to sleep.

Conrad Richter is in Sydney indie band Richard In Your Mind, an Australian psychedelic pop band from Sydney. They were formed in 2006 by then house-mates Richard Cartwright and Conrad Richters and expanded in 2008 with Pat Torres and Jordy Lane and later adding Brent Griffin and Alyx Dennison

SOD are an Australian indie, electro band which formed in 1995. It is also the pseudonym of the band’s mainstay member, Griffin, whether he is performing solo or with other members. 

Feature Photograph: Chris Ross

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