An unusual partnership it may be, that of renowned composer and tape loop pioneers William Basinski, and young up and coming studio assistant Preston Wendel, but nevertheless, the pair got together under the moniker Sparkle Division and Basinski hauled out his Saxophone as the pair made an album – To Feel Embraced, which mixes up lounge, jazz and disco with an electronic slant.

From the album the pair have released a new track, You Go Girl!, which has this cinematic 60s feel about it, as if James Bond (Sean Connery era) were walking around Monaco, Martini (shaken not stirred), with screaming strings, muted trumpet and brass stabs here and there. Throw in this Spanish sounding guitar line and a devastatingly handsome tune, and your fully stocked.

Check it out, here

To Feel Embraced is out September 18th via Temporary Residence