Track: Young Knives release ‘Swarm’, opening track from forthcoming album

Photo credit Photo: Ian Wallman

Brothers Henry Dartnall and the House of Lords (one can’t help feeling one of the guys is operating under an alias), are back with another slice of their forthcoming album Barbarians – Out on September 18th via Gadzook Records, this time in the shape of opening track ‘Swarm’.

Of the track, Henry says Swarm is about feeling at one with all humans, and how that is both beautiful and disgusting at the same time; everyone pulling together, but also having to exist with everyone else’s germs and diseases. It’s also a question about freedom. If we are one then what does freedom really mean? Are you free if your every action impacts the whole? Does it matter if you aren’t?’

Swarm literally does just that, in true Ronseal fashion as these psych-induced synths and repeating guitar patterns swirl around the seemingly almost chanted vocals, but as it whips its way up to and through the chorus, this sort of motorik shoegaze feel it induces is so damned gripping, we’re besotted.

Check it out, here

Barbarians is available on vinyl, CD, cassette and digital, with various tantalising limited-edition options including a box set, alternative sleeve illustrated by artist Bevis Martin, pink splatter vinyl, screen prints, and ‘Freedom with a Big F’ manifesto / lyric book. The Barbarians shop is here.

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