News: Attic’O’matic Unveil Hypnotic New Single ‘Thoughtless’

Brighton’s dynamic 5-piece sensation, Attic’O’matic, are back in the limelight with their mesmerising new single, ‘Thoughtless,’ featured on the ‘Small Pond Emerging III’ compilation by Small Pond studio in Brighton.

Renowned for their distinctive fusion of jazz, post-punk, and electronica, Attic’O’matic crafts a sound that is as innovative as it is exhilarating. With previous nods from BBC Radio 6 the band continues to solidify their position as an exciting up and comers. ‘Thoughtless’ showcases both the bands ability to craft intricate and mature sonic backdrops and delivery subtly catchy melodies and captivating lyricism.

Opening with an eerie high synth line and resonant acoustic guitars, providing a sparse soundscape that complements Lorcan’s expressive, King Krule-esque lead vocals, the track progresses into tight beats and a gliding fretless bass which usher in a beautiful chorus featuring the angelic lead vocals of Kam.

The mid-point of the track introduces a rhythmic shift, delving further into the band’s post-punk undertones with choppy guitar rhythms and lively drums that propel the song forward with an invigorating energy. The finale of the track gracefully builds to an atmospheric and floating climax.

Discussing the inspiration behind ‘Thoughtless,’ the band shares, “This song delves into the theme of human disconnection from the natural world and an unconscious yearning to return to the present. Amid the struggles of adulthood and the chaos of the cost of living crisis, the track serves as a plea for alternative paths in our society.”

An excellently crafted track from a band deserving of the acclaim coming their way, Attic’O’matic’s new single ‘Thoughtless’ is out today.

Listen below:

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