Track: Dominic Wolf brings a fine indie- electronica wonkiness out to play with ‘Fool’

Dominic Wolf

HAILING from the buzzing East London scene, Dominic Woolf is on a mission to seduce with a kaleidoscopic approach to a hazy leftfield indiepop, as you can hear on his new single, “Fool”, which we’ve got for you below.

Beginning in an up-close, confessional US alt.rock, all acoustic guitars and wayward vocal melodies, in which Dominic bitterly shapes a way forward (“It’s time to break the mould / Because I don’t care anymore”), it comes alive with a bleep and squelch and chatter, garlanding electronics, and a sweet middle break – imagine, if you will, Daniel Blumberg getting it on with MGMT and you’re most of the way there. That heartfelt, warts ‘n’ all candour with lots of candy store sonics popping all around.

Written, played, produced and entirely fashioned, therefore, in his bedroom studio out east, Dominic says: “Production-wise, I’ve never worked on a song for as long as this one.

“I really took the time to develop it and allow it to reveal itself to me. The song itself reflects how I felt at the time of writing and has kept me going – because in the end you just have to keep going.”

Dominic Wolf’s “Fool” is out today on digital streaming platforms, with the EP of the same name due on August 6th on AWAL.

Connect with Dominic elsewhere on the web on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify and YouTube.

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