Track: ASM – Grape ft Cutty Ranks

ASM (A State of Mind) is a European rap trio based principally of MC’s Green and FP, joined by DJ/Producer Fade. Three albums in and net sales of well into six figures have led to the band seemingly doing as they please, and in this case it’s putting out their new single on 7″ vinyl and roping in the legend that is Cutty Ranks.

Characterised by this trippy psych organ backing the MC’s take it in turns with Cutty Ranks who calls with his usual authority while Green and FP demonstrate their flow, the rhymes tight and the poetry smart and relevant. As it unfolds, so this flute joins the party as the boys keep it tight over the top.

On the flip Chinese Man cuts up the backing in a remix and adds a healthy dose of echo and makes it a little more dancehall.

Check it out, here

Grape is out now on Chinese Man Records

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