New Music: Fearful & MTWN – Exordium

The Breakdown

...A wonderfully dark and atmospheric collection...

Fearful (Chris Murray) & MTWN (Dimitri Mathieu, Maxime Mathieu) colloaborate once more to bring a solid mixture of tuff beats and heavy bass. From the beautiful dark soundscapes of ‘Altered State‘ and ‘A murder of Crows‘ to club focused ‘8’s & Nines‘ and ‘Twelve Over‘. Conjuring up images of a post apocalyptic future, a journey through abandoned metropolises under ominous skies.

“Following on our first EP, ‘Collisions’, we wanted to explore the use of modular synths, and also hardware, in more depth. Exordium was crafted from countless modular jams, passed back and forth between London and Liege, and polished into a piece of work that captures our love for club music, with an experimental edge. We wanted to get out for a moment from the 170 which we are a bit more known for. Hopefully you will enjoy this exploration into our shared sound and influences as much as we enjoyed creating it.”
Fearful & Mtwn

Check out one of highlights ‘Obliteration‘ like a musical interpretation of something beyond human comprehension striding over a city, destroying everything in its path as it calls out to the heavens.

Verdict: A wonderfully dark and atmospheric collection, the beats cut through the layers of bass and synth like a knife. Rather than using lead melodies to drive the tracks, the bass does all the talking, allowing all the other elements to breath and flow. Overall I found it the works to be very emotive, even cinematic on some levels, don’t be surprised if these guys end up on a future score, as for the quality and depth on this release they’d be more than capable.


  1. The Mime
  2. Twelve Over
  3. Void
  4. Shallow Grave
  5. Obliteration
  6. Altered State
  7. A Murder of Crows
  8. 8’s & Nine’s

Artwork by experimental architect / Prof. of design theory Bryan Cantley (Formu:la)

OUT NOW on Double Vinyl & Music | YUKU ( Digital

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