EP: Kúlu – Quiescence

Celebration Records are about to release the debut EP from Danish band Kúlu, titled Quienscence. The band are not complete newcomers though, having their names littered through the great and the good of Danish indie rock – Asger Techau (Asger Techau,
Kashmir), Daniel Buchwald (Arbirk, Deerborn, Danger of Men), Dennis Winterskov (Ave, Deerborn) og Søren Sunding (The Folk Factory).

Opener ‘Toiling’ veers close to epic, all glistening guitars that cut and prod at the stately procession, the glistening synths shimmering underneath as the track alternates between scruffy noise and tight (and stripped back) riffs. AS it hits the chorus though the track really unfurls into a indie rock anthem.

Follow on Lonely Running Man is similarly riff laden, but more in The National, or even a sort of edgy Band of Horses way, as the vocals meander along, enough to get into your psyche, but driven along by this wash of guitar noise and backing vocals. It plays the soft/loud card to perfection, building these swells and troughs to take the listener on a real journey.

JOVE in contrast plays at the heartstrings, atripped back as far as they dare for as long as they dare before they hit home with this glorious chorus. The EP ends with ‘Stranger’ about which ongwriter and guitarist Daniel Buchwald says, “Stranger
is a stream of confused emotions that just comes floating out. ‘Stranger’ addresses the feeling you have when you realize that it is too late to save a friendship or a relationship. How another person can suddenly seem so alienated but still has left a deep mark on you and that you are too late to discover that oneself is to blame for it.” It holds things close to its chest before launching into this joyful release once it hits the chorus.

Check out Stranger, here

Kúlu’s Quiescence is out this Friday, 26th April via Celebration Records.

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