Track: Beans release a psych-infused ‘Dreaming Daisy’ ahead of album release.

Feature Photograph: Danysha Harriott

Fronted by The Murlocs drummer, Matt Blach, Melbourne garage/psych band Beans return with a dreamy, fuzzy psychedelic single ‘Dreaming Daisy as they prepare for the release of their new album ‘Boots N Cats’ in March 2024 through Fuzz Club.

‘Dreaming Daisy’ is a chemically enhanced journey, with a thundering ambulant bass in the chorus and jangling guitars and fairground organs that surge under the melodic vocals. The singing is louche and distant with a Lennonesque timbre. It seems to prowl with intent – yearning and enigmatic.

Blach says the track:

…is basically about being an airhead/alcoholism, and the way addiction can work, speaking on differential sides. It’s about people wanting to live their life to prove right to others or their parents rather than themselves. It is, at its core, a song for “the devil on ya shoulder.”

Mixed and mastered by John Lee (The Murlocs, Sunfruits, Mod Con, The Stroppies), the track tells of a character named Daisy, “who is feeling like she is lost and worried, and is digging herself a deeper hole or situation.” The song is written, according to Blach, 

to be received from various points of view or perceptions, 

hence the lyrics:

Her father seems to worry / When she comes to she’s sorry.

The track comes with a stunning video that draws in the psychedelic tone with a touch of surreal theatre in its black and white depiction of a face-painted Blach in a brooding pastoral setting. The band says:

The clip is really aiming to converse a sense of horror & humour. [We were] wanting to tip a hat to A Clockwork Orange and The Joker. It’s intending to capture that the characters are a part of consciousness but chaos and destruction all at once… The clip was filmed/planned and produced by Willem Kingma and Kelli Blackmore. Kelli Blackmore playing the perfect ‘Daisy’ for its entirety. Makeup by our dear friend Nadine Muller, nailed it. Thanks to everyone involved, hope you enjoy the visual and audio!

The result is something that is a fitting soundtrack to the ethereal sound:

‘Dreaming Daisy’ is out now and available here and ‘Boots N Cats’ is out Friday, 15 March and available to pre-save here and through the link below.

Feature Photograph: Danysha Harriott

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