See: Solomon Grey releases new video for the pulsating electronica of ‘Firechild’

You can’t help but wonder about the lives of others. According to their bio, the duo who make up Solomon Grey (Oxford friends Tom Kingston and Joe Wilson) pursued their muse in a lighthouse in Cork vacated by one of their relatives, where they recorded in splendid isolation, before then moving to another remote property in the outback of Australia – again due to family connections – to finish off recording while balancing farm duties.

Now back in the UK and signed to Black Butter Records, Solomon Grey released their debut single “Gen V” with B-side “Gascarene Sound” summer 2013 and  have just releases a single “Firechild” on 18 November 18, 2013.

The song is a nice melange of driving pulsating electronica with some very soulful singing layered on top. I like the tension: I don’t normally think of of soul and electronic music being mixed together, but it works well and and this is one catchy tune.

The video accompanying the new single is brilliant, featuring Adrian Royo from one of my favourite favourite TV series “The Wire” (see below for link).

Check out their previous releases on SoundCloud.

Unfortunately it’s out too late to catch them at their debut gig at The White Building in London which was on 20 and 21 November 2013, but keep an eye for their next appearance.

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