Tracks: Psymon Spine double drop the psychedelic electro doses, ‘Mr Metronome’ and ‘Drums Valentino’

Psymon Spine, photographed by Ruvan Wijesooriya

NEW YORK sonic collective Psymon Spine, who push out past the amazing cosmic glitter of Tame Impala and take current indie-psychedelic-disco thinking to other realms, have double dropped two new neon flavours to bring extra sparkle and glow to your Christmas season: a digital double A, “Mr. Metronome” and “Drums Valentino”, both of which are out now on Northern Spy.

“[They] were among the first song ideas we came up with when first starting our sophomore record,” says PS founding member Noah Prebish.

“We wrote them near the end of a two-year hiatus which was spent pursuing various other projects by the individuals in the band. Following the break, we were all feeling hungry to make a new Psymon Spine record and we quickly began exploring the new sounds that would ultimately define the album.

“This process left us with two tracks which were a bit too crazy for Charismatic Megafauna, but too good not to finish.”

And here they are: “Mr Metronome” includes musings on dating and social dynamics and a desire to quit all unfulfilling obligations in order to really concentrate on making music together – partly recited in German, of course; is thus wholly of a smoky European basement disco circa 1982 or 2202, filled with busy synthetic chatter; has a little dash of Ladytron, too.

Sabine Holler wrote the German vocal hook, which translates as: “I saw your message, I have to go to work,” which is followed by the repeated refrain, “my schedule, my schedule.” Robotic responses tailored for a dehumanized gig economy.

By contrast, “Drums Valentino” pulls back a little towards fleshworld, a laidback guitar essay transformed by whooshing ad wheezing groove.

“We’ve all had a crazy few years, and for all of us this band is a safe haven; a community, and a way to create something about what we were experiencing,” says Noah. 

Psymon Spine’s “Mr. Metronome” / “Drums Valentino” digital single is out now on digital streaming platforms via Northern Spy.

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