EP Review: Foxhaunt – Mindset

The Breakdown

A collection of alternative rock gems with huge choruses and an emotive punch

Hailing from York, England, Fowhaunt are comprised of Ollie Swift (Vocals), Thom Clayton (Guitar), Nick Dawson (Bass), and Jamie Scott (Drums). The band have released their 5 track EP ‘Mindset’.

An explosive start with first track ‘Enemy’. Emotive vocals over palm muted riffing will always be a winner and the boys do this very well indeed. The track is loaded with emotion and not just from Swift’s vocals. The whole track builds up to the huge soaring chorus.

The huge riffs continue with the synth heavy ‘Parallels’. The track uses the quiet verses loud chorus formula to great effect with the verses sounding particularly good with the stabbing bass and powerful guitar stabs. Scott’s drum come across very sharp on this track and sit within the mix perfectly.

‘Ronin’ kicks off with a rip roaring intro the tracks flies along with the freight train riffing and pounding drums. The track closes with a downpour of noise from the guitars and drums which is guaranteed to fill many a venues floor.

The hard hitting ‘Monster’ is a seriously heavy track thats lifted with by the great vocal performance from Swift and some rifle quick heavy guitar work from Clayton. Driving drums keep the track alive and kicking on its slower moments which all go together to make cracking choice on this EP.

Final track is the synth ‘Make Me Feel Alive’ which has a touch of Muse in its floating synths. The cacophony of noise on the chorus and the interludes is very well executed with Swift taking on a more urgent vocal phrasing giving the track an ear catching sound.

The band have collected five tracks that showcase their unique brand of emotive filled alternative rock on this EP that come with a pop edge that really makes the tracks shine along with the heavy riffing. It’s a clever mixture of the two elements that stand these guys out as talented songwriters.

Check out the bands track ‘Make Me Feel Alive’, below:

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Mindset is available here

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