Track: Todd Rundgren – Espionage

Rock legend Todd Rundgren is releasing a new single ‘Espionage’ from his forthcoming album Space Force. Rundgren has decided to release ‘Space Force’ as individual singles, each with its own unique artwork, every 3 or 4 weeks with the entire album coming in early 2021 via Cleopatra Rceords.

First track to be shared from ‘Space Force’ is the ambitious collaboration ‘Espionage’ with Muslim hip hop artist Narcy.

“The song is actually an orphan of White Knight. Narcy and I began the colab in the final days of that album and we couldn’t get it finished in time, so in a sense it’s the first song of Space Force.” – Todd Rundgren

Fluttering flutes, simulated hand claps and affected vocals make this an interesting collaboration reminiscent of Tommy Lee’s recent output, and one that showcases Narcy’s lyrical talent.

Check it out, here

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