If his first EP, Part One – Strange love and consequence, was about a recurring dream, then the latest in a set of EPs entitled ‘The Balance EP’s’ from Louisiana born and Austin based singer-songwriter Ben Millburn is about dealing with them. Whereas it’s predecessor was a loud affair, so this new EP, Local Honey is more reflective, and even more minimal, with the drums that drove the first EP onward being stripped away completely.

It allows Millburns voice and songwriting to take centre stage, and in the track he’s just released, ‘I’ll go’, so they create something vibrant and melodic and essentially memorable. Based on a hand muted riff, and with some 50’s style coiffured vocals in place, complete with plenty of echo, it s something that sticks with you. And that’s got to be good, right?

Check out Millburn performing the song in his new, accompanying video, here