Popped down to Basecamp in Middlesbrough on a Tuesday night for after hearing some good things about Jemma Freeman and her band. The night was put on by Art Mouse Promotions who focus on underrepresented and marginalised artists.

Support came in the shape of Duck. Sheffield band who have just welcomed a new member in form of Evangeline Spachis on guitar and backing vocal duties. Sarah Griffiths takes the main spot with Chris Minor covering synths and drum beats.

Noisy-pop is their thing and it sounded great from what I heard. Happily tapping along.

Jemma and band had driven up from London for tonights gig. A good drive and I managed to get a quick chat with Jemma prior to them taking the stage. Dressed in red boiler suit and heavy make up topped with yellow tinted glasses Jemma is such a pleasant person its almost refreshing. Discussing the state of the music scene down south and selfish photographers among other things.

A few technical issues did little to phase the Cosmic Something and their bandleader as they created little moments of musical joy. It took me awhile to realise what I was loving about these guys so much. That voice of Jemma’s was magical. When really pushed it soars and dips and stopped me dead. I actually put my cameras down to just listen. Catch them live if you can put if you don’t do anything else listen to these guys via their bandcamp.

Next Track: Jekyll - The Escapist plus EP News

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