News: Totten Bridge Returns With New Single ‘Perfect Day’

New York City-based pop-rocker Totten Bridge has released a vibrant new single titled ‘Perfect Day’, which showcases his unique blend of rock, electronic, and pop elements. This strikingly original and commercially appealing sound has already earned the artist widespread radio play, press support, and over 700K streams, with 65,000 monthly listeners on Spotify in 135 countries.

‘Perfect Day’ follows Totten’s recent singles ‘Brave New World’ and ‘Control’, and is another fine addition to his growing catalog. Written by James Palace and produced by Killian Cruiser and James Palace, the track leans further into the electronic-pop side of Totten’s repertoire, with bright, pulsing synths, dappled vocal cuts, and punching four-to-the-floor-led drums underpinning the distorted guitar lines and Totten’s ever-catchy vocal melodies and urgent, infectious delivery.

Since starting to release music in July 2022, Totten Bridge has already garnered a feverish fanbase and approval across tastemaker press. With widespread radio play across the UK, US, and Europe, Totten has built a reputation as an exciting artist to watch with a lot of potential for mainstream success. Fans of Totten’s work can look forward to more electrifying and genre-bending releases from the talented artist in the near future.

Listen below:

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