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Jonny’s been busy since his debut LP ‘Sub Plot’ in 2016. As well as being a drummer for Andrew Ashong, The Bongolian and Connie Constance, he’s also had his hands full working with his band ‘The Expansions’, so it’s pretty impressive that he’s found time in his schedule to produce a stunning new solo work entitled ‘The Only sound’. Collaborating with multiple vocalists and musicians, Jonny has taken a different approach from the usual one man band direction. Here we see a departure from the beat-tape influence of his past releases and get a more organic original sound which he’s been working on and perfecting over the past few years.


‘The Only Sound’ gets more atmospheric and expressive than previous works with some great vocal performances and musical contributions from label partners and close friends Deoke and James O’Keefe. We also get jazz composer, flautist and master saxophonist Tamar Osborn in on the action. Vocalists also featured include Shea Soul, Grace Walker, former Myron and E soul man Eric Boss with his Lucid Paradise and Pendletons partner Ishtar, plus First Word Records producer/a golden Rules collaborator Sarah Williams White.


This album is like a welcome cool breeze in a heat wave, mellow vibes and soothing vocals seem to drift out of the speakers and swirl through the air. Drink down a tall glass of Downtempo electronica with a slice of soul and a twist of disco while letting its fresh flavours quench your thirst. If you think I’m laying it on a bit thick you’d be mistaken, this release has heavy rotation written all over it. The track selection works perfectly to create a seamless flow from vocal lead numbers to the semi instrumentals cut with well selected vocal samples.


Fans of Ninja Tunes, Mo Wax, St Germain and DJ shadow need to check this out, tight production throughout, a beat selection that’s simply infectious, guest vocals and crate dug samples blended to perfection, it’s a lush musical journey for those hot summers days or a warm chilled out evenings. The thing that’s stands out for me is how Jonny Drop makes the music sound so effortless (like any good art), on first impression it appears to be simple, but it’s a master at work and only on multiple listens you start to realise its beautiful complexities……sit back and enjoy



Track List


1. The Only Sound

2. Degrees (feat: Lucid Paradise)

3. Finsbury Park

4. The Looking Glass (feat. Sarah Williams White)

5. Last Winter

6. Flash Light (feat. Grace Walker)

7. Pimperlude

8. Think It Over (feat. Shea Soul)

9. All This Trouble

10. Discussed Disgust

11. Moon Food (feat. Tamar Osborn)

Check out a cut:


Available now on Alberts Favourites Vinyl/MP3



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