See: Thala – ‘weep’: a lovely study in dreampop bliss from Berlin riser


A BERLINER born and raised, THALA took her first steps into the world of music as a street musician and attending open mic nights, since when it’s completely been an upward curve; and a listen to her new single, “weep”, and you’ll see why her rise has been so effortless so far.

She brings together the warm and fluffy blankets of shoegaze guitar, and marries it to an upbeat pop melodiousness, adrift on a memory bliss; a couple of listens and you feel like this song has always existed somewhere, down in your DNA, the pure pop of 1982 married to that cathedrals of sound style.

It’s actually her fourth single, following the shivery, microtonal bends and Hope Sandoval cooing of “Takemeanywhere”, another lovely caress of sound.

Both tracks will feature on her debut album, Adolescence, which is due in late summer on Duchess Box Records.

She says of her latest single drop: “I wrote ‘weep’ thinking about how many times I have said ‘no’ to someone wanting a relationship; and of how many ‘nos’ I have received in return.

“One of the most important things it stands for is though, that you can’t expect people to make your life better if you yourself still haven’t figured out whatever it is that makes you happy and thrive in life.” 

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