News: Neil Cowley presents a live-streamed recital live from London upon the release of ‘Hall Of Mirrors’

Neil Cowley

IN CELEBRATION of the release of his rather excellent longform essay into piano and electronica, Hall Of Mirrors, Neil Cowley is presenting a live-streamed performance from London’s Lafayette.

The performance, live-streamed for the first time last night, will be available to watch in full until March 18th.

The contemporary composer who has moved from jazz in a more modern compositional direction and reconnected with his first love, the piano, released Hall Of Mirrors a week ago; we reviewed it here and said: “[It] marks that journey of Neil’s there and back to the piano, a lover seemingly spurned but returning once he knew where his heart lies.

“It really is a love letter to the instrument, and in that sense is of a piece with Henrik Lindstrom’s gorgeous Nordhem from last year on One Little Independent. If you were to imagine for a second a notional spectrum from pure acoustic towards the electronic, then Hall Of Mirrors is a decent few notches towards the latter than Nordhem, and they’re both of the evolving conversation of modern piano composition.

“It’s a very European album – and by that yes, I do mean Britain too … very much an album of being out and about in the city for the day, maybe entirely centred and alone, bringing the evocations and impressions of the day home with you as little memory photographs.”

Neil’s also got a real, actual, in-the-flesh live gig planned for June 17th at the Islington Assembly Hall; you can purchase tickets for that here.

To connect with Neil online, visit his website.

Neil Cowley’s Hall Of Mirrors is out now on digital download and double vinyl from Mote; both formats are available to save and order now.

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