Live Review: Monster Truck/Those Damn Crows – O2 Ritz, Manchester 05/10/2022

Supporting Monster Truck tonight is Welsh rock band, Those Damn Crows. Formed in 2014, the 5 piece band (Shane Greenhall – vocals, Ian ‘Shiner’ Thomas – guitarist, Lloyd Wood – bass, Ronnie Huxford – drums and David Winchurch – guitar) played a 9 song set. Before taking to the stage, crow noises are played through the speakers, before the band appear with Shane entering last. I was lucky enough to catch these guys at Stonedead Festival earlier this year and once again they do not disappoint.

Opening their set with ‘Who Did It’, the crowd happily sing along to the song with some clear fans here tonight judging by the amount of band merchandise seen among the crowd. During ‘Don’t Give A Damn’, Shane approaches the barrier before climbing onto the balcony to perform to the crowd – much to the annoyance of the venue security (check out the rather unhappy look on security’s face in the gallery!). Anyone who has been to one of their gigs before will know that Shane always like to have a climb and wander around during the set to fully immerse himself into the crowd.

‘Sin on Skin’ is one of their more successful releases and is a real crowd pleaser and the fans are ecstatic to accompany the chorus of ‘Go Get It’ as Shane shouts “scream for me Manchester”. Ending the set on ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Ain’t Dead!’ the crowd never wane in their vocal support. Shane is an excellent frontman (supported by the very talented musicians who make up the rest of the band), who really engages with the crowd and it’s easy to see how hard the band have worked the circuit and deservedly earned the fan support.


Who Did It

Long Time Dead

Don’t Give a Damn

Send the Reaper

Wake Up

Blink of an Eye

Sin on Skin

Go Get It

Rock ‘n’ Roll Ain’t Dead!

Headlining the O2 Ritz tonight is Canadian rock band, Monster Truck. Formed in 2009, the band (Jon Harvey – vocals, Jeremy – guitar, Brandon Bliss – keyboard and Theo McKibbon – drums) are currently touring to promote their latest album ‘Warriors’ which came out last month. Before the band emerge, an intro track is played…. the instantly recognisable notes of ‘Top Gun Anthem’.

Opening with ‘The Lion’ followed by ‘The Old Train’, both from their first album ‘Furiosity’, the band launch into a night of songs featuring tracks across all four of their albums.

During the set, Jon takes the time out to tell the crowd to give it up for Those Damn Crows before saying that he’s super proud about having them on tour. The band then go on to play one of their new songs from their latest album that came out last month, ‘Golden Woman’ with Jon telling the crowd that this particular song was written for his girlfriend.

Throughout the night, the band treat the crowd to multiple tracks off of their new album such as ‘Fuzz Mountain’, ‘Warriors’, ‘Golden Woman’, ‘Live Free’, ‘Get My Things & Go’ and ‘Country Livin’.

The band stay relatively true to their genre and bluesy/southern sound throughout the night and although the crowd may be somewhat more subdued than they were during the earlier support act, guitarist Jeremy does give it his all energetically moving around throughout. Monster Truck are a band that let the music do the talking, with little chat during the set. Ending the night with ‘Why Are You Not Rocking’ and the singalong anthem ‘Don’t Tell Me How To Live’ there’s no doubt that everyone has had an amazing night!


The Lion

Old Train

She’s a Witch

Denim Danger

Golden Woman

The Enforcer

Black Forest

Fuzz Mountain

Live Free

Country Livin’

For the Sun

Seven Seas Blues

Get My Things & Go

New Soul


Sweet Mountain River


Why Are You Not Rocking?

Don’t Tell Me How to Live

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