Track: David Gray announces new album and shares two new singles

Derrick Santini

David Gray is set to release his twelfth studio album, ‘Skellig’, due 19th February via Laugh a Minute Records / AWAL Recordings on with CD & vinyl to follow in May. With the album news Gray has also shared two singles off the album ‘Skellig’ and ‘Heart And Soul’.

Regarding the album Gray comments:

“The more I contemplated the idea of a small group of people landing on those rocks and establishing a monastic life there, the more overpowered I became by a dizzying sense of awe. How close to God could you possibly wish to get? Life must have been unbelievably hard for them and trying to fathom the deep spiritual conviction that compelled them to escape the mediaeval world lead me to acknowledge my own deepest longings to be free of all the endless human noise that we now so readily accept as being such an inescapable part of our day to day lives. Dreams of revelation, dreams of a cleansing purity, dreams of escape. Ideas that I think almost any 21st century person shouldn’t find it too hard to relate to!”

‘Skellig’ Full on vocal harmonies over a droning acoustic guitar give a great sense of calm and peace. A theme that carries on with the introduction of piano as the track takes on a hypnotic quality.

Heart and Soul has mediative quality in its gentle vocal line and opening riff. His voice just flows and takes you away on the songs journey. Thats been a secret weapon of Gray’s for some time now.

Find out more via the Gray’s Website or Facebook

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