New Music: Laura Welsh – Undiscovered

I’d be careful if I were you. Laura Welsh is back amongst us. She’s releasing her new single ‘Undiscovered’ on the Outsiders/Polydor label on October 28th . It’s thought that she was holed up across in America for the recording, produced by Lana Del Rey and Kanye West associate Emile Haynie, and it will feature on Welsh’s debut album, due out early next year.

But she’s got form. Armed with one of the most distinctive voices in singer-songwriter land at the moment, she isn’t afraid to use it. Throughout the new single her voice floats and wafts, nudges and cajoles the listener, then she pounces – taking your heart just as you weaken. Backing her up is a gang of soft electro beats, piano that oozes space and isolation and a laid back beat that draws you into her evil plan.

She’s a strong woman as well, berating the songs target, urging him to be stronger, have more about him, stand up for himself. Make no mistake about it, Laura welsh is armed, dangerous and shouldn’t be approached. Having said that, it’d be a travesty if, like the song, she went undiscovered.

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