Track: Don’t ‘Diss and Disappoint’ flowerkid – the music is too beautiful.

Feature Photograph: Elliott Lauren Ryan

We have been long time fans of Sydney singer, songwriter and producer flowerkid – see our review of his EP ‘Everyone Has A Breaking Point’ – and he is back with the anthemic single ‘Diss and Disappoint’. Known by his friends and family as Flynn Jorge Sant, flowerkid drenches his indie pop songs with a deep sense of melancholy and a bittersweet tang that tempers the pure pop sounds. ‘Diss and Disappoint’ is a prome example – a rousing chorus with a greater range than the Snowy Mountains coupled with heart breaking sensibilities combine to produce an anthemic gem, carried effortlessly by flowerkid’s velvet, yearning vocals.

Relating to a former lover, flowerkid says of the track:

‘Diss And Disappoint’ is a song about a special person in your life becoming somebody else. The little things that made you fall for them in the first place, have slowly evaporated into thin air They become someone that you no longer respect. A lot of the time, I feel as though their words and actions follow me around wherever I go, and I can’t seem to escape it.

The accompanying video directed by Alexandra Galloway follows flowerkid on a journey across beautifully shot landscapes and ending by the sea and a mysterious character. flowerkid’s performance is enthralling: earnest and impassioned as the music shimmers with the visuals:

‘Diss and Disappoint’ is another finely crafted arrow in flowerkid’s ever growing quiver of mesmerising songs that break one’s heart with their fragile beauty. It is out now through Warner Music Australia and available to download and stream here.

Feature Photograph: Elliott Lauren Ryan

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