Track: Sunshine Coast’s Dr Mann prescribes a little alt country goodness with debut single ‘Stubborn Mule’.

Feature Photograph: Amie Victoria

Daniel Mann is a busy man. In his other guise, he plays in the jangling indie outfit Swimsuit Issue which released a well-received debut album this year (‘Burn For The Buzz’ – read my review here), and as CEO of label and PR group Bueno Bueno Sound, Mann has also made time to nurture a few other local artists who have blossomed under his care. Now, Mann has veered in a new direction with his first solo release under the name Dr Mann. Mann describes his music, born from rifling through his dad’s record collection from the age of 5, as psychedelic, cosmic, indie country.

I don’t know if Mann has also obtained a medical degree in the intervening time – with his proficiency it wouldn’t surprise me – but his focus now is on a more countrified genre. There were hints aplenty in Swimsuit Issue with the introduction of pedal steel guitar by guest musician Jye Perry Banksin in ‘Hit It With You’. Mann has now signed to Banskin’s new country music label Heartsville Records with a new album set for release with the label in early 2022. His opening shot as Dr Mann is the single ‘Stubborn Mule’ which is a classic example of a very tasty concoction of country and indie sensibilities with a supplementary dose of psychedelia.

According to Mann,

‘Stubborn Mule’ is a song in which most of us can relate to, with up front and honest lyrics about coming to terms and the realisation of being stubborn and hard headed in a relationship at times.

Mann’s deep sonorous and luscious vocals provide the key to the shimmering sound, as does his ear for delightful and memorable melodies. This is very good medicine indeed.

‘Stubborn Mule’ is out now and available to download and stream here and everywhere. Live, Mann performs with a backing band as Dr Mann & the Tube Lords – watch out for future live shows.

Feature Photograph: Amie Victoria

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