Premiere: We are in the Big League now with their new single ‘Dine Out On The Subdivide’ and single launch party.

It is with the greatest of pleasure that we premiere the new single from Melbourne’s venerable Big League, the intriguingly titled ‘Dine Out On The Subdivide’.

Driven by a wall of fuzzy guitars and pattering drums, the song crackles with a vitality and power – the high voltage riffs driven by powerful passionate harmony of voices bristling with emotion. A jangling intrusion of twelve string guitars lifts the ceiling and lets in a little light. The chaos and thunder ends in a feedback-laden attack – it is as if Martin Phillipps from The Chills jammed with Velvet Underground in the midst of an earthquake.

Songwriter Travis Velthoven details the serious issues behind the song’s lyrics:

I wrote the song during our second covid lockdown in Melbourne. A lot of the government housing that was built in our area during the 1950’s has long been sold off, and now developers are pushing projects through council that cram as many poorly built, unliveable, dog boxes onto a property as possible.

These are houses that are so poorly planned that they would never themselves dream of living in them. None of the people living in these houses use their garage to park their cars, and at least one of the tenants was using their garage to run their illegal chemistry startup
,. The streets are always crammed with cars, the cops are always stopping by, it’s a first world shit-show!

This is raw and vital music, rough hewn from a granite rock with a visceral portraiture of urban life.

The streets are always crammed with cars, the cops are always stopping by, it’s a first world shit-show! 

It’s a thoroughly enjoyable sonic electrical storm:

‘Dine out on the Subdivide’ is out on Monday, 5 June 2023 via Bandcamp (above) and all the usual streaming services. Big League will be launching the single like a rocket at a launch party at Gem Bar in Melbourne on Friday, 16 June 2023 with support from True Sound. Tickets and further details available here.

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