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The five members of the band Redolent
Rory Barnes

The Breakdown


Edinburgh-based, experimental five-piece Redolent have released their debut EP make big money fast online now via Columbia Records. Redolent are fronted by brothers Danny and Robin Herbert, alongside drummer Andrew Turnbull, bassist Robbie White and Alice Hancock on live samplers. Their live set-up is unique with a cube shape created by scaffold poles holding a neon strip light which shows the lyrics. The band occupy the middle for the most part and the crowd is in the round. Although this is electronic music it doesn’t sit comfortably in any box.

Opener and title track ‘make big money fast online now‘ introduces the listener to their sound, a mix of indie and electronic with its ambient loops and drums. The pace is gentle initially but the atmosphere created is all encompassing. You’re simply swept up into this glorious soundscape and the vocals of Robin are hypnotic and weaving, pulling you into the story-telling.
I’ve got a plan. Just picture the places we’ll go, when we’ve got the cash.”

New single ‘Death in the Family‘ explores grief through the metaphorical use of the grey gloom of Scottish weather. The song has a bouncier vibe, even bearing in mind the subject matter. The pace is lighter and dancy which is slightly ironic. The more you listen to the lyrics you more you want to listen to the track again. There is a smile of recognition at certain phrases:
“Dark on the way to work, dark on the way home from work.
Dark on the way to work, dark on the way home from work.
Dark on the way to work, dark on the way home from work.
Dark on the way to work, dark on the way home from work.”

Previous single ‘Space Cadet‘ is a highlight. Dance-floor friendly its dominated by drumbeats and synths which ebb and flow. The bobbing electronica at the start get the feet moving. The lyrics again are captivating: “my heads full of scrambled eggs” and Robins vocal on this track layers perfectly, creating a song where all the parts come together in unison to provide an unforgettable track.

This debut EP was borne out of an experiment to see just how quickly Redolent could start and complete a project. It was fabricated over three months and the band are sole creators: writing, recording, producing and mixing the EP independently. ‘we should catch up if ur around’ adds a layer of electricity to the music. The background wailing static gives an edge to this song, creating a soundscape slightly different from anything heard yet on the EP. Final track ‘extreme mood swings’ allows us to hear a little more of the drums. Lyrically it opens with “is he alright, has he taken something?” and this is indicative of Redolent’s song-writing, grounded in the reality of day to day life.

Redolent will be hosting an EP launch event at The Biscuit Factory in Edinburgh on 3 February. This will be followed by a series of soon-to-be-announced live dates, including performances at SXSW and The Great Escape in Brighton. The Edinburgh band have produced a debut EP which will quite rightly gain a lot of attention. If you have the opportunity to see them play live then go. See for yourself just how this band have created a gig-going experience all of their own.

For more information on Redolent please check out their instagram and facebook.

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