See: Slim Twigs creepy video ‘Maintain The Charade’ – perfect for Hallowe’en.

Ghouls and spooks abound on this All Hallows Eve…

Slim twig has released the video for ‘Maintain The Charade’. Directed by Meg Remy, the video is ideal for Hallowe’en. Figures wrapped in shrouds wondering around a bleak black and white landscape; struggling for a costume for tonight’s party? This could be just the inspiration you need.

Slim Twig had his music written off as ‘too weird’ a few years back. This of course is an absolute nonsense. Sometimes ‘weird’ is good, and of course one persons ‘weird’ is another persons  ‘norm’.

Thankfully DFA Records have picked him up and are set to re-release his 2010 concept album, ‘A Hound At The Hem’ on December 1st. Taking it’s inspiration from Nabokov’s, Lolita, the album, (originally released on Twig’s own own Calico Corp label) explores the taboo side of lust and forbidden love.

Do we have a new Serge Gainsbourg in our midst ? | |


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