Track: Hiatus Kaiyote shine with ‘Get Sun’ feat Arthur Verocai ahead of album ‘Mood Valiant’.

Credit: Tré Koch

We’ve all been waiting for a new Hiatus Kaiyote album to drop. Well, at least those who saw them perform whilst they were on the road to jazz fame at the Love Supreme Festival of 2016 . The band , fronted by Singer-Guitarist Nai Palm brings a fresh new and wonderfully mature sound to it’s already impressive past work. The making of ‘Mood Valiant’, released this June 25 from BrainFeeder Records is due to a chance meeting whilst the band made a trip to Rio de Janeiro in late-2019 to work with legendary Brazilian artist/arranger Arthur Verocai“We had recorded the song ‘Get Sun,’ and it already sounded good,” says Bender. “We had no idea what he had written for it.” When Verocai fired up his horn and string sections, it was a release for everyone. “Tears were running down my face,”  recalls bassist Paul Bender recalls. The album promises to be an even greater triumph due to the personal story of singer Nai Palm’s cancer scare. With this work , Hiatus Kaiyote hope to bring a thing of beauty and all the things that give life meaning and purpose.

The prelude track ‘Get Sun’, in that sense, gives us a shining glimpse into what to expect, and it’s stunning. Nai’s vocals continue to soar and impress with that kind of natural talent found rarely. Drummer Perrin Moss can quite literally bring a smile to anyone with his peromative ability to hold such a genre-defying track together , bring elements of trip hop, soul and funk to a highly masterful string and horn arrangement brought by Grammy winning arranger ‘ Arthur Verocai’. Simon Mavin ( keys) is literally shifting in panning effect from the verse to chorus laying down chords that give the song it’s anchor. The loop samples, Kimbra-esque vocals and synth outro truly give this band a heightened maturity, whilst maintinaing their truly youthful energy.

I can’t wait to hear their album, out June 25! ‘Get Sun’ is available on all major platforms here

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