Say Psych: Track Review: Sonic Jesus – Dead Man

Rating: 8/10

Sonic Jesus are one of the most revered outputs in the modern psych scene and are helmed by mutli-instrumentalist Tiziano Veronese who handles all song writing duties, with the lyrical composition falling to Marco Barzetti.

Their debut LP Neither Virtue Nor Anger received international acclaim due to its dark, overbearing tones and earlier this year second LP Grace was released, which saw a more melodic, synth-driven approach.
Following a deep creative frenzy on the road, Sonic Jesus have emerged with two new songs, which push the boundaries and invoke the darkness once more. The 7” vinyl single was released on 2nd December to coincide with their London show, hosted by their label, Fuzz Club Records. When asked about the tracks, Tiziano explains that “’Dead Man’ is a blind rage with no point of return. The strong bass line and synths depict a disturbing, claustrophobic atmosphere. ‘Transpose’ changes direction towards a kraut landscape, a chaos quickly dissolved in a folk jam. The lyrics are mainly focused on how humans brutalise themselves as time goes by, so that loneliness becomes a fine shelter where to feel comforted by dreams, arts and distant desires.”

‘Dead Man’ uses reverb soaked vocals and post punk bass vibes to take the sound of Grace down a darker path. ‘Transpose’ uses a hearty motorik drum foundation and a haunting guitar melody to transport the listener into a dreamy soundscape, which only increases as the track concludes.

Sonic Jesus have divided opinion of late, but with the release of these tracks, I say they will be the name back on everyone’s lips soon.


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