See: Shirley Collins releases video for Death And The Lady

Shirley Collins
Doyenne of folk returns after 38 years

To go 38 years without releasing an album might be considered lackadaisical. But “Lodestar” from Shirley Collins beats even Vashti Bunyan for discography gaps. Now revealed from that record is the video for “Death and the Lady” – a creepy pastoral view of Britain featuring green fields, horses, but then also charnel houses, skulls and mummers.

The tale of a wealthy lady not ready to die just yet, trying to make a deal with death, maybe to trade her worldly riches for a few more years.  With the vaguely discordant accompaniment providing a perfectly creepy backing, it sounds like the message may not be a typical “Live for the moment”, platitude, rather “Death will get you, wherever you hide”!  This is the second track aired from the forthcoming album – you can also check out Cruel Lincoln.  The album is out on Domino on November 4th.

Plus – she will be appearing at the fascinating looking celebration of Folk Horror at the British Museum on October 16th

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