Film Review: Night Hunter

Zack Snyder’s Justice League film is as memorable for the controversy around the digital removal of Henry Cavill’s moustache as whatever happened in it. The British actor made his name playing Superman but outside of that ‘universe’ it’s fair to say that his career has otherwise stuttered. Thrust into leading roles, he’s seemingly struggled to find suitable material. His new film, Night Hunter, gives him more room to breathe.

Lieutenant Aaron Marshall (Cavill) is desperate to catch a serial rapist and murder who keeps escaping his grasp. In the course of his investigations he crosses swords with a vigilante duo (Ben Kingsley and Eliana Jones) who are trapping male predators. When he eventually catches the killer (Brendan Fletcher) his partner Rachel (Alexandra Daddario) is convinced that he’s suffering from a multiple personality disorder. Aaron isn’t convinced.

Night Hunter is an interesting spin on the crime thriller which pits the rough against the smooth to create a twisty and complex drama. Cavill holds his end up well whilst cameos from the likes of Stanley Tucci and Nathan Fillion are an unexpected bonus. At times the plot does get messy and bogged down. It can be difficult to keep up. However, Night Hunter is an entertaining ride into dark heart of evil.

Signature Entertainment presents Night Hunter in Cinemas and on Digital HD 13 September.

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