Premiere: Perth’s Late 90s would ‘Die To Heal’: a cinematic anthem with an unstoppable power and delivery. Launch date also announced.

Feature Photograph: Mike Dann

We are very pleased to premiere the new single ‘Die to Heal’ from Perth rockers Late 90s – a reflective yearning track that builds up with an unstoppable velocity into a pulse quickening anthem. Arching melancholic vocals soar high above the ether over jangling guitars and a thundering rhythm section.

The overall effect is dramatic and effecting – a mix between muscular instrumentation and the exquisite vocal range that purrs and roars within one stanza.

Stephen Loreck from the band says of the track:

The song is about how acknowledgement and acceptance of your troubles is a part of the healing process: “You gotta feel to heal”. It is easy to ignore problems in your life, however if you don’t acknowledge them, you may never move on or feel as you did before. Sometimes it’s only when you’re watching someone else go through tough times that you can realise this, and it’s painful to watch your friends go down a bad path “you’re so stuck in this left lane, my heart is starting to ache”. 

The heartfelt delivery and bold cinematic vision is the sign of a band mature beyond their years and with great prospects:

‘Die to Heal’ is out tomorrow through all the usual download/streaming sites – you can pre-save here.

Late 90s will be launching this sonic missile at Scarborough’s Indian Ocean Hotel – tickets here and details below.

Terrific stuff indeed.

Feature Photograph: Mike Dann

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