We are very pleased to premiere the video for Sydney musician Jessica‘s new track ‘Silence’ on Backseat Mafia. Jessica’s voice is as majestic and ethereal as Kate Bush’s and ‘Silence’ is a brief but so very haunting and evocative song. Deep strings underpin the gorgeous floating vocals and create a hypnotic drone.

There is a hint of a lament – elegiac in tone – that brings forth images of darkened cathedrals with vaulted ceilings and flickering candle light. Reverb soaks through the song like a shroud. Indeed, Jessica says track is:

about grief, about endings and about how memories are usually silent

The video is fittingly dreamy and mysterious – as mesmerising as the song with a deeply spiritual element filled with yearning and melancholia.

Jessica is part of the duo Jep and Dep (last seen by me supporting The National at a spectacular gig on the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House at dusk) and her partner in crime, Darren Cross, has had some input into Jessica’s album ‘The Space Between’, co-wroting ‘Silence’. Otherwise, Jessica has written the material and played most of the instruments on her new album.

You can get the album through the link below:

You can catch Jessica live in March at the following places supporting DC Cross/Gerling:

Sunday 21st March, Lalala’s Wollongong

Sunday 28th March, Highway Bikini, Enmore

Full details and ticketing can be accessed here.

Feature Photograph; Darren Cross (Bernstein Studios)