News: Swedish punk rock outfit Rotten Mind launch the new single ”Visitor in the Present” 

Swedish punk rock outfit Rotten Mind launch the new single ”Visitor in the Present” on June 9. This single, alongside the track ”Pointless Love” released earlier this year, was recorded at the same time as Rotten Mind‘s latest, fifth studio album ”Unflavored” from 2022. With a unique mixture of gothic post punk and 60‘s garage rock, ”Visitor in the Present” stands out from what the band has done before. 

Jakob Arvidsson (guitar/ vocals) on the new single:
Visitor in the present is about feeling like you‘re outside of everything. When others seem to fit right in, you feel like you don‘t belong at all. I was listening to a lot of 60‘s garage rock when I wrote this song. We wanted to do something that had that feeling as well as being gothic at the same time. 

We‘re super happy to finally release these two songs. They were recorded at the same time as the “Unflavored” album but we chose to do something else with them since the record felt done with the other songs. As you‘ll probably hear they‘re quite different from what we usually do. 

Get Rotten Mind’s latest studio album ‘Unflavored’ on LP:



Japan, Australia, North America, New Zealand:

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