News: Indie pop duo Arliston release ‘451’

South London indie pop duo Arliston, release ‘451’ via the band’s own label Sob Story Records. ‘451’ arrives alongside a captivating, ambiguous, music video directed and produced by Bo Morgan. The new track follows previous releases ‘Pisco Sours’ and ‘How In Heaven’ and is the third instalment from Arliston’s forthcoming EP set for release in July 2023.

Vocalist Jack said “I was reading Fahrenheit 451 when we wrote this song and was completely hooked. George came up with this amazing beat in 7/8, and it felt like the perfect off-kilter sound to fit a song about a dystopian future where everything is just a little off too. I think Ray Bradbury is an absolute genius, and found the idea of the Montag character being besieged by thoughts that “maybe I’m a little lost”, despite having all the trappings of modern life (a room with screens for walls etc) so eerily resonant for the Instagram/TikTok age, but written in 1953! The video is a love letter to the book, just like the song itself. We wanted to create as much of a sense of that ambiguous, nostalgic future as possible. So the 1940’s TV and filming in VHS was a big part of creating that atmosphere

George continued “I was messing around with an idea at home, and it morphed into this twisting, hypnotic beat. We took it to 123 Studios and put some piano chords under it, and luckily Jack had a whole lyrical world ready to go (thanks Ray Bradbury!) We both have always liked music videos where people make or destroy something, that narrative arc is so simple but pleasing. So for this music video, we thought we’d do both! And it ties together, in a really satisfying way, the themes of 451”.

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