Track: Andrew W. Boss – God Of Pain

Andrew W. Boss is a Rock Rap Metal band from Utah, formed in 2016, and named after the singer and frontman Andrew. The band was created with his older brothers, Adam (aka Hypeman 5000) and Jon (aka Flip) and they have just released a brand new single titled ‘God of Pain’.

The track is the lead single to JD Allen’s upcoming Horror FILM ‘ALGEA: God Of Pain’. ‘God of Pain’ is filled with multi-layed hooks, a tight rhythm section and a fast and unique lyrical flow from Andrew W. Boss himself. The title track oozes with ambition and is delivered with precise excellence.

Andrew W. Boss states:

“We wrote a song for an independent movie called ALGEA: God Of Pain. And the director and crew made a music video for us!” My good friend Brian told me he was helping on an indie film and wanted us to get our music in there, so when we met up with JD Allen, I knew right away I wanted to be a part of it. JD Allen and myself are very similar in mind set and determination, and I’ve always wanted to make music for a feature film, so this was the perfect opportunity for me.”

A deluge of hard riffing done in a traditional nu-metal style as Andrew spits out his vocal flow. There’s a mountain of tension in the track helped by the tightness of the band as they rampage through the track. Bass heavy, angry and sounding fantastic.

Check it out, here

Find out more via the bands Website or Facebook

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