Track: Lizzie Loveless captures the moment when the rift becomes all too real in ‘Window’; her autumn album’s now up for pre-order

Lizzie Loveless, photographed by Charles Billot

BROOKLYN’s three-sister indie rock band TEEN were much loved by those in the know, and rightfully so, with slow-burn, atmospheric altpop numbers such as “Raggedy Andy” to offer the world. It was with sadness that that same cognoscenti received the news that sisters Lizzie, Katherine and Kristina Lieberson were calling it a day after two final, valedictory gigs pretty much two years ago now.

But after a period of introspection and reinvention Lizzie has dusted herself down and emerged from her chrysalis with a new persona, Lizzie Loveless; a new aesthetic, and a deal with Virginia’s EggHunt Records.

She’s also doubled down on the nuanced ‘n’ dreamy synthpop aesthetic she revealed on last month’s partially eponymous single “Loveless”, which kept that gloriously dreamlike way with a melody, a pulsing groove, straddling effortless pop and weird beat in one carefree stride, with her next single on the way to that August album: “Window”, which you can hear below.

A shuffling break, delicate and lovelorn (-less) vocals, pretty modular synths with a pure astral pop shimmer; you got it. And it’s a breakup song about the moment when you tip over the line from together to apart. she reveals.

Lizzie says: “I wrote ‘Window’ a few years ago. The song was first written when I knew my relationship at the time had ended.

“He had gone for a walk to take some space and I was waiting for him to come back, looking out the window. But I could feel a shift. I knew what was coming. I knew when I looked at him, he had already left. It was as if in a single moment his face had changed and I no longer knew him. So, I was thinking, ‘then what? What comes next?’

“Essentially all you can do is wait, wait for the heartache to pass. This song definitely captures a chapter in my life, a painful ending … I’m thankful it’s in the past.”

Lizzie Loveless’s “Window” is out now on all streaming platforms; her album, You Don’t Know, will be released by Egghunt Records digitally and on vinyl on September 17th and is available for pre-order over at Bandcamp, now.

Connect with Lizzie at her website and on Instagram.

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