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I was in hospital this one time,  I suppose I would have been about eight at the time, when I was told to stay still. Being in hospital was nothing new – me and my brother had bad asthma and we spent at least a couple of weeks incarcerated every winter. In some ways I liked it, pudding every day, I could watch Thunderbirds on TV (which for a reason that escapes me still to this day, my mother didn’t really approve of) and I could always feign being too wheezy to go to the hospital school if needed.

Anyway, stay still she said, she  probably being a nurse, but in my fading memory she has become Hattie Jacques (look it up youngsters) in full matron garb. The reason for my impending stillness was that I had a drip inserted. The more I thought about staying still, the more I wanted to move, first just my toes wrestling each other, then drumming my fingers, and pulling my knees up and down, and then there was this itch. Eventually I drifted off to sleep, but before I just had to get to a cold bit on the pillow. Maybe if I turn it over, and just go over onto my side, perhaps….. it was the middle of the night when Hattie woke me and told me off. My bed was a bloodbath. Literally, everywhere. I though (momentarily) I had probably been murdered, and in that case Hattie was being rather remiss in telling me off about it….

Fast forward a few years  and London quartet Vuvuvultures new (and as yet unreleased with no immediate release day, new music fans) are once again telling me to ‘Stay Still’. Formed in 2011, they released their debut EP last year and toured the UK and Europe. They featured in Vogue, Wonderland and supported Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster at their sold out Halloween show at Electric Ballroom in Camden. A debut album is in the offing, and there are a couple of London shows in the pipeline – one tomorrow night at Electrowerkz with TRUST, and then 12 March: Lexington with Lola Colt, Ballet School and assorted DJ’s.

The music is sort of moody electro-indie, complete with majestic scuzzy bass, sort of Killers meets The Cure. Its catchy, cool and as soon as I started listening to it, I tried really hard to stay still as instructed, but just like all those years ago,  first it was my toes again, then drumming with my fingers, then the knees and, well…you can guess the rest.

I keep looking round to see if Hattie Jacques is coming to tell me off.

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