Birmingham born, London raised Harlea made quite the entrance last year with her debut tracks ‘Miss Me’ and ‘You Don’t Get It’. Now she returns with her brand-new single ‘Beautiful Mess’ out now via Absolute Label Services.

‘Beautiful Mess’ sees Harlea ready to step into the limelight. The new single is a stylish, hook filled mix of 50’s swagger, classic rock riffs and some superb retro production creating an entirely unique take on the pop song.

Talking about ‘Beautiful Mess’, Harlea adds: “The song is powerful and raw, it’s relatable to the world in which we live. Life is the most beautiful gift we have but humanity has an inbuilt destructive nature which inevitably creates a mess. I feel like this single shows another side of who I am as an artist. It’s still edgy and raw but has a more contemporary feel.”

Beautiful Mess is out now on Absolute Label Services. Check out the accompanying video below