Her Songs’ ‘Lost A Little’ is a graceful, global soul cut

Picture: Malthe Milthers

HER SONGS is a worldwide female collective working across the creative disciplines. The collective consists of London-based Dane Marie Dahlstrom, Brooklyn-based Colombian Dani Murcia,New Zealand-based Emily C Browning, French Londoner The Naked Eye, and London-based Emmavie.

The five have released a new single, “Lost A Little”, in advance of forthcoming third EP, Toronto Vol. 2.

As the title suggests, the EP was written, recorded, and produced in that city, in an open-plan Airbnb. It serves as a sister work to last year’s Toronto Vol. 1 and 2018’s Los Angeles EP.

“Lost A Little” works within a beautiful layered soul tradition, drawing heavily on gospel vocal bliss, underpinned by acoustic guitars and piano trills. Lyrically it’s forward-thinking and positive: “I’ve never been /  So sure / About what the future holds.” The lyrics document the collective’s excitement at meeting in Toronto to record.

Her Songs’ Emily C Browning says: “After finally reuniting together in Toronto, we felt so reflective on the entire year since the previous Her Songs retreat in LA; ‘Lost A Little’ turned into a summery, feel-good wanderlust tune about travelling the world just to meet up again.” 

The concept behind the Her Songs project is to shine a light on female producers and artists; and to celebrate female collaboration. Each EP is recorded over a seven-day period in the city corresponding to its title. 

Listen to Her Songs’ new single “Lost A Little” below;  Toronto Vol. 2 will be released on August 14th.

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