Track: Demob Happy – Wash It Down

Demob Happy’s frontman Matt Marcantonio says “apathy has been encouraged” in the current music market, but thankfully his band sounds anything but indifferent on blazing new track Wash It Down.
This single is taken from the Brighton quartet’s eagerly awaited debut album, due out later this year, and follows the well-deserved hype surrounding previous single Succubus and their Young & Numb EP.
Demob Happy are sick of the music currently being churned out and they aren’t afraid to say so. Marcantonio comments: “we get faux sentimental recycled denial pop because most musicians don’t wanna risk upsetting someone, or their lives are already too cushy to care”. This track is full of swagger in their dissatisfaction, but nothing about this feels clichéd.
I’m instantly nodding along to their roaring garage sound but I really want to get up and throw myself around. The screaming guitar adds to the feeling that this band is on the war path, ready to savage the music industry at the first sign of resistance.
Resistance is futile. Prepare to join the Demob Happy vanguard when the single is released on 14 August via SO Recordings.

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