Track: Evvol – Eternalism

Producing what has been described as noir-moodscapes the Berlin based duo ‘Evvol’ release ‘Eternalism’ an emotive journey through cool layered vocals that glide over electronic and live band arrangements. Eternalism is the first album for the duo under the new moniker Evvol, Julie Chance & Jon Dark previously known as Kool have already well crafted their sound which is displayed throughout ‘Eternalism’.


‘I see you (I am you) introduces the album and is a cool slice of electronica that layers programmed beats and synth effects  with live drum and guitar sounds. ” I have slept for a thousand years” is the perfect line to introduce Evvols debut album and their heavenly vocals that build to a chorus in this sublime starter. ‘Sola’ drops the tempo to a slow stream of light percussion and swirling vocals backed with rich synth pads all carried along with a simple and radiant flute line. ‘Sirius A’ is a minimal piano and sound scape that is a well placed segue to ‘Starcrossed’ a more live sound piece with drums, guitar and vocals taking main stage backed with held synth lines that  morph  into a melody that abruptly ends as  the track cuts. ‘Your Love’ goes up tempo this time with a looped piano line used to good effect, here Evvol uses more dry vocals which fits perfectly . ‘No Love’ hits the down tempo button with a good blend of chopped and straight vocals over guitars and synths and  ‘Vega’ is an instrumental short blending bass, percussive claps and a sparse guitar with lead synths. ‘Denouement’ builds  up with a gated white noise effect that drops  into a cool floating number before it takes you back out, another great emotiv track that doesn’t over complicate things. To bring us to the end of ‘Eternalsim’ we have ‘Four steps from home’ a full and driving track , quick in tempo and vocals uplifting in message you know the journey is nearly over and your racing towards  the inevitable end of what has been an impassioned and satisfying adventure.

Clocking in at around 34 minutes it’s a brief encounter with Evvol that will leave you wanting more. But saying that, what you are given here is a well crafted and solid collection that feels like  a first chapter if you will a first chapter of what could be an epic journey, you’ll just have to wait. Until then we have ‘Enternalism’ and that’s more than enough to get you started.

Out Now on !K7 Records
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